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5 Products For The Perfect Blow Out At Home

5 Products For The Perfect Blow Out At Home

While I love my membership for my blow outs, sometimes I need to do my own hair. After spending years in the chair of the great Madison Riley here in Dallas, Texas - and her teaching me some tricks I have mastered how to give myself the same long lasting blowout at home.

Madison has taught me a numerous amount of tricks and tips over the years while my hair was short, during my microbead extensions, going from dark to blonde, jumping to pink and back to dark. One thing is for sure - she is honest with me and will tell me the truth if something I want to do from a Pinterest Post is possible! (If you are looking for a stylist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area - check our her Instagram to snag an appointment.)

Here are my hair products that I use to get my beach waves that last me 3-4 days with no follow up curling!

  1. Biolage Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. They have a line for color treated hair as well, but my balayage is growing out at the ends and Madison has been using a gloss on it - Cause she knows I am going to go back light in the summer - and so I decided to use the moisturizer shampoo to help with the heat I put on it. Plus, the smell is mesmerizing.

  2. I use the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner. It helps to reduce tangles in my hair, reduces the frizzy poofy-ness from when I blow dry it and protects my hair from split ends.

  3. Secondly, I spray on the “Blow Me Dry” by Design.Me generously to my hair. This helps to dry your hair faster by having the water bead up instead of soaking into the hair follicle. It cuts the drying process time by 50% - it adds a protective layer to your hair to protect it from the heat and leaves it silky smooth.

  4. I section my hair into three “ring” sections. One is the crown area - then the middle section of the hair and then the bottom. Like three pony tails in the back.

I start from my left towards my right and I curl my hair - making sure that I hold the Baby Bliss Pro vertically. I leave just the ends out to leave me room to leave the ends straight (BTW- if your hair is really long, you will leave more hair out so you can move the curling iron up towards the base of your hair)

Madison taught me the subtle way to run my fingers through my hair to help open up my curls without undoing all the work I just did. Then spray a light coat of the  Big Sexy Hair and off I go! Check out this quick video to see what she taught me!

Hope this helps you keep your At Home Blow Out looking fabulous!

This is a tip my hair stylist Madison taught me to get the perfect curls each time!
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