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3 Ways Social Media Has Changed My Life

3 Ways Social Media Has Changed My Life

How many people can say that social media has not impacted or changed their life in some way? Plenty I am sure - but not me. If it wasn’t for Facebook I would never have gotten hooked on Candy Crush or Farmville games - which by the way I still play….(sad I know).

Social Media has changed lives in great ways. It has helped small and large business grow, it allows us to share all of the wonderful things in life with each other. It provides a way for us to connect to one another and know that we are not alone in this great big world. Now, we can watch events that are happening in real time from all around the world and see how others live in our world. It has created a supportive community for many people and organizations.

As with everything, there comes downs with all the ups. Social media has also destroyed business with one picture that the masses may disagree with, it has created “trolls” who find joy in hiding behind a computer screen that will attempt to tear down other humans. It has created anxiety and depression in people who never had it before. It has also destroyed communities and organizations.

For me, social media has definitely changed me. It has caused me to re-evaluate who I am, who I thought I was, and find out things about myself I didn’t realize.

I compare myself to others more than I used to.

I have always been a confident person, I have always been concerned about what I look like. I didn’t need the “selfie” to make me vain. I normally only compared myself to those who I knew around me, now I am comparing myself to others I don’t even know. I have always cared about how I look, how my skin looks and my crows feet that keep adding up….but now it’s just “more”. I notice it more, I look at others and have to tell myself to stop. Stop trying to look like someone else. Stop trying to wear what style others wear when it’s really not you.

But ...it also has opened me up to wear things I have always wanted to but was afraid to. I met Tara from www.daiquiridiaries.com and I have always admired her bold accessories and acceptance of who she is and what she wears. Some would call her “Extra” but I think it’s FABULOUS. It’s women like her that have told me - if you like it, wear it. I mean my mom has too, but she’s my mom and well, I don’t always listen to her.

I have a larger expanded social circle that I used to have.

Now, don’t get me wrong, in Kindergarten my teacher told my mom I was a “social butterfly” and to this day I can talk to anyone. Even a tree. So imagine more social? This is in a different way. As an teacher of 15 years I had my circle of friends and my co-workers. My life was still lived in a bubble with people I knew. Now, I have actually made friends with people I met on social media - no not in a creepy way - but other bloggers and people on Instagram and Facebook. I can’t tell you the number of women I have met that are genuine, kind, considerate and caring.

I have also found those who are still hateful, liars, two-faced and filled with jealousy and insecurity. However, being Insta-famous and being considered a influencer has caused fake friendships and gossip mongering worse than middle schoolers.

I have watched women talk disgustingly negatively about a person to a group of people - then go have dinner with them two days later - all the while screaming out “women empowering women” and “let’s be real”.

I have managed to find some truly real people that I consider my friends. I may not see them all the time, but I take the time to let them know I care. So, thanks for that social media!

I have hope for humanity.

I know with every viral video of someone doing something great to help their fellow man, is another showing what disgusting and vile acts a person can do is there. I watch everyone disagree on politics and religion and everything in between - but it’s the moments where none of that matters and we as humans and individuals do the right thing. Not just “for the gram” or for praise. But those videos where the people don’t even know they are being recorded, or watching others that actually donated their bone marrow to save another life.

Those moments, we normally don’t find on the news. When you type “I cried too much at this” or “I laughed harder than I should have” - those are the moments that make me realize that we just may make it. Social media allows us to gain support for Heart Disease, Children’s Health and so many other causes that need our time, not just our money.

I know that I thinking more about what I look like before I post things on Facebook and Instagram more than I should.

I know that while I will never stop caring what people think, I should and still post the real me.

I know that social media nearly dictated what kind of couch I wanted in my new house because I wanted it to photograph well. (Here’s the kicker with that - I sit on my couch, I watch TV on my couch and eat all my snacks on my couch. So with that I decided that if you don’t like my Instagram cause my couch is not perfect - then you probably aint my tribe! )

I know I am not perfect - but I am perfect to my husband, my boys and parents.

I know I am not everyone's cup of tea - I am outgoing, opinionated and speak the truth - normally I am just the one saying what you are thinking but are afraid to say it.

I know social media has changed me - and I am ok with it.

Cause I can own my shit.

How has social media changed you?


Nicole Watts

Nicole Watts

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