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4 Things I Have Learned In My 1st Year Blogging

4 Things I Have Learned In My 1st Year Blogging

The Bronzed Beauty first started as a blog for my Airbrush Spray Tan business. However, as I started utilizing Instagram and social media, I noticed that while everyone started to learn I what my business was - they were more interested in who the person behind the scenes was.

Let’s admit it - we love reality TV and Instagram stories and like a mini reality show of other people we find interesting.

I sold by business and I kept my name and started blogging about me, my life, and it has been a great outlet for me. I have found some amazing friends and I have had some tremendously hurtful experiences. At the end of the day, it all has made me a better person.

#1 Be A Kind Human.

It takes more effort to be mean and hateful than it does to be nice. There really is no reason for it to be honest.

This industry is so cut throat and so competitive, that despite realizing it you are constantly comparing yourself to others. It is so easy to get caught up in jealousy and resentment. What I have seen the most in my time is the paranoia that it causes.

While I am always the loud one talking, I do sit back, watch and listen. (I guess it’s the teacher in me that never leaves) You would be surprised at some of the looks, comments and stories I have seen and heard.

Just be kind.

#2 You Will Not Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Like I said before, I am normally the loud one talking and once the mimosa’s are flowing, my filter falls off my mouth. Will that change?



Cause I am who I am.

While I can assimilate into any social setting, and I know how to behave does not mean that I will change who I am. I will be the one that hears music and start wiggling cause I want to dance.

I will be the one who greets everyone with a hug cause to be honest, I am the girl who has never met a stranger!

I am the one that tells it like it is and I won’t completely sugar coat things if you ask. If you ask me to tell you how I feel - I will.

We are taught to seek acceptance from our peers but truth be told - you won’t always get it. Not everyone likes the super pretty girl because they feel insecure inside. But guess what - they might have just missed out on making a really great friend.

#3 Don’t Copy Others

Oh - I could get on my soap box with this - but I will spare you on this blog post! I get gathering inspiration from your favorite blogger but by all means do not copy.

Give credit where it is due.

It is NEVER ok to just rip someone off. I have learned to keep my mouth shut from this. I have been ripped off more than I care to admit. I say that because I should be embarrassed that I keep believing that people are honest.

Taking someone's ideas and taking them as your own is just wrong. I have had someone actually tell me to focus on another direction and then start doing what I had said I wanted to do.

(Note: in their mind, they still don’t think they have done anything wrong….to this day)

Please understand that this is just my own perspective and my own experiences.

There is not one lawyer in this world, there is not one doctor in this world - but at the end of the day - do you really want to be known as some who is a plagerizer?

It takes more effort to be mean and hateful than it does to be nice - My momma

#4 Social Media Does Not Define You

Do not let what you see make you feel less than. Not everyone shows their downs and it may seem that everyone has the #perfectlife - just know that it is not reality. Do not measure your own life on what you see.

The choices you make every day define who you are. Do you say thank you when someone opens the door for you? Are you kind, compassionate and loving?

The circumstances that we have lived through and how we chose to deal with them in life defines us.

My life if FAR from Instagram perfect, my house is actually lived in and I have beige in my kitchen - not white- cause of the Texas Star above my stove. OH WELL!

Everyone has their own experiences and these are just a few of mine and I hope that it has helped someone feel better who is just jumping into the blogging world!


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