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5 Crucial Things Your Spray Tanner Needs You To Know

5 Crucial Things Your Spray Tanner Needs You To Know

It can sometime be awkward to those who are new to an airbrush spray tan on why your technician is asking you so many questions! Well, it’s because there is a lot more to a true custom airbrush spray tan that some may realize. I'm not just being nosy!

Let’s start off with the MOST important: 

This is a judgement FREE ZONE!

I promise, it’s like being a doctor- no one is judging your body. No one is perfect and we are our own worst critic. I do not care about your stretch marks, your imaginary cellulite or what undergarments you are wearing! I am looking to see what base tone your skin is so I can give you the perfect tan. I promise, if we had to compare: my stretch marks and cellulite, I will win every time.

There is an "Order of Operations"

“Babe!! There is an order of operations to your spray tan!”  my client Kelly R. scoffed to her husband when he asked her why she couldn’t just get her pedicure after her spray tan. Truer words could not have been spoken. You always want to shave 12 hours before your service and take care of any waxing and pedicures needs 24 hours before your service. If those are done after your airbrush spray tan – you are increasing the risks for a streaky tan that won’t last you very long.

It is Not a “Base Tan”

If you are thinking that this will protect you from the sun – you are sadly mistaken! You are still able to get a sunburn and a really bad one at that. Due to your tan, you may not notice the redness at first. The solution has no SPF mixed in – so be sure to apply one that works for you.

You Can NOT “maintain” a spray tan

I know you want to make it last, but I am the first person to tell you if it’s too soon. Your tan will fade in its own way of your skin cycle. Which may differ in different parts of your body. Putting newer more fresh spray tan solution on top of a previous airbrush solution that may still be present can cause discoloration and unevenness of your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated with water and light lotions will help your skin cycle more regularly.

I will NOT turn you orange.

I can speak only for myself on this one. A disastrous experience will be shared with others faster than a fabulous one – so the “orange” spray tan that went wrong has made it difficult for those like me who do not have clients that experience this. The truth is in the pudding – while there are some solutions on the market that may be more cost effective, they do not always provide the desired results - we all know that you get what you pay for. For me, I make sure to use a product that is reputable, provides excellent results and has high quality standards. (Which is not always cheap)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you are new – tell your technician so they can inform you how to care for your beautiful airbrush spray tan and have a wonderful experience moving forward. Remember: tanning isn’t for just special occasions!

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